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    Bluetooth SPP Questions - Many Questions



      I've been trying to set up simple Bluetooth communication between my Edison board and a Windows PC. Ideally, I would like Windows to see the Edison as a standard COM port so that it can treat it like any COM port.


      I have looked through many of the forum questions on the matter and I did read the pertinent sections of the Edison BT manual. Running "bluetoothctl", my Edison is telling me that I am paired with my desktop system and my desktop system seems to agree. Furthermore, when I look in Windows Device Manager, I am seeing, not one, but five "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link (COMxx)". Which leads me to my first question: Why so many? One would suffice - one that works, I mean. Which one should I attempt to connect with? I know that this is not a Windows system forum, but if anyone understands this, please enlighten me.


      Next: I am writing an application in C++ over on the Edison side which will interact with the Windows system through this virtual serial port. My question is, assuming I am paired with the remote Windows system, what do I need to do to get the Edison to stream data in and out? How do I get it to act like a serial port? What do I look for? Do I refer to this port as a device that you open and close? Is it a socket? Is it like opening a file that you read and write to? Where is it? What is it's name?


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