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    S5520HCT New install, two beeps, no boot, no post


      Being New to the server world, I just finished installing a S5520HCT board and ran into the following issues;


      1.  The board will startup when the power is supplied to it, the power switch will not start the board or stop the board, it starts after it's energized by the power supply.


      2.  The board beeps twice and does nothing after that, no boot, no post, and the status led stays orange, though every once in awhile, the blue id led lights up.


      3.  The board beeps twice, even when there is no memory in the board at all, this seemed odd...instead of a steady pitch or 3 beep code.


      4.  Upon inspection of the memory, I ordered some that is one letter designation off of the compatible list, I have Samsung M393B1K70CHD-CH9, 8gb 2Rx4,  And the closest and what I assumed was purchased is this Samsung  M393B1K70CHO-CH9, 8gb 2Rx4, One letter off, but I misread the memory when I bought it, not sure if this is the problem, since even when no memory is installed, I get the same two beeps.


      5.  Not sure if my power supply is correct, maybe someone has an idea on this, as I understand the standby voltage could be a big deal here, or the ATX version this power supply conforms to.


      This is the Equipment I have to run this;


      Lian Li A71-F

      Silverstone- zm1200m power supply, not sure if this standby voltage is correct, this was an extra power supply I had.

      Noctua Coolers


      Thinking it was a motherboard short or some other issue, I did the following to try and resolve this;


      1.  Moved memory sticks around and used different configurations.

      2.  I installed and uninstalled the video card, I used a small card, due to not having the correct cable for onboard video. Then took out the video card and the same two beeps.

      3.  Uninstalled and reinstalled the Cpu's, then I went to one of the two current, then to a single different cpu altogether.

      4.  Finally thinking there was a motherboard clearance problem, I uninstalled the mobo and started it up out of the case, with one cpu, one stick of memory.


      Any help is appreciated!



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