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    Updating RAM for i3 2nd Generation ?


      Can i add 4GB DDR3 RAM in the 1st slot, which i got by default for my laptop and 8GB DDR3 RAM( Empty Slot ) in 2nd slot  for i3 2nd generation ?

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          Intel Corporation
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          In regard to your question, when you use a laptop, before doing any changes on it we always recommend to get in contact with the manufacturer of it to make sure the memory RAM will be fully compatible with the system, since they build it they should be able to provide that information for you.

          You will be able to add another memory RAM stick on the slot that is empty, however, the memory controller is located on the processor, so the best thing to do will be to find out what is the model of the processor in the laptop so we can check the specifications for the memory RAM, to verify the proper voltage and speeds that it supports.

          Any further questions, please let me know.