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    Updating Gateway 700XL Desktop


      Hello -

      I have a Gateway 700XL desktop that I've updated throughout the last 7+ years without incident.  I recently lost the OEM HD (120Gig) and the slave HD (250G on a controller) at the same time and replaced the HDs with a matching pair of WD Caviar Blue 500G SATAs and a StarTech 4-port RAID controller card.  I want to set the system up with a RAID 0 Stripped Array and seem to be having problems with the existing BIOS on the system.


      What is listed now is:  MV85010A.15A.0049.P07 and I have found - in a discussion area here - that someone flashed to .P15 and had success with their problem.


      I boot the system and it is bypassing the onboard BIOS complete.  StarTech said I didn't need to install drivers from their accompanying CD because the card itself has built-in BIOS, just to boot the system and hit CTL+S at bootup, go into the utility and set up the RAID array.  I am not getting into the card BIOS at all and it's also bypassing the system BIOS completely.  StarTech said the current BIOS were too old and this is an area where I do not feel the least bit comfortable but with instruction will fix the problem.


      Please advise as to the latest BIOS download here that I can use (an not fry the whole system) so I can set up the RAID Array.  Without flashing the onboard BIOS I cannot use the parts I've bought and will have to return them with no other choice but to buy IDE HDs and abandon the RAID upgrade.


      System specs:


      Gateway P4, 2.53G single core

      2 Gigs Rambus memory

      Creative Labs Live Drive Soundcard and Drive

      nVidia 6800 Video Card

      Memorex DVD/CD burner

      Allied 500W PS with 2 SATA connectors

      USB PCI card

      Firewire PCI card


      The soundcard, video card, PS, Memorex burner, USB and Firewire cards are all upgrades/additions I've done over the years.  I was running Windows XP Pro *retail* (took the OEM version off) and was planning on upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate which the Windows 7 Advisor said would work perfectly.  The system is capable of running Windows 7 and then some - I just have no idea how to find the right BIOS update download and also flash the BIOS without an OS or even HDs in the system.


      Any and all input is greatly aprecicated.  Also, please remember I am "on the clock" if I have to return the two HDs and controller card to TigerDirect.


      Thanks so much!

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          For support on your Gateway* system, please contact the system manufacturer directly, for more information check the following URL:





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            Hi Sergio -


            Gateway was the first contact I made but because the system is 7 years old they don't want to talk to me at all.  I tried hours of searching on their website just to find the right ID of my motherboard and only did find the information with a combination of lists of legacy boards and paperwork that came with the system.


            I have ID'd the board - I just am not sure what file to download to flash the BIOS to the latest update.  The RAID controller card will not work with the current BIOS and unless I'm sure of what file I do download I don't want to flash yet.  I have no problems flashing BIOS or any hardware, as some people do and say to leave well enough alone.  I have always tried to keep the BIOS and peripherals up to date with flashing but in this case I have no help at all where in previous instances I had the help of either Gateway itself or other vendors.


            Gateway is a wasted company and this I'm saying after owning nothing but Gateways for over 15 years, some systems well over $3,000, and would never buy any other vendor's computer.  After the problems I've had with a P-173XL FX laptop and now this desktop I am done with Gateway.  They bought eMachine, Acer bought Gateway, and chance their whole selling and support setup - the latter is non-existent.


            If someone could give me the correct file update for the BIOS I'm sure this controller will work.  I'm getting very close to picking the one Intel is saying should be the correct one (Intel has been of zero assistance as well because the board is so old) and taking my chances.  I will, of course, unplug every peripheral from it and hope for the best.


            Thanks for your reply but Gateway hasn't been in the "tech support business" for a long time.

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              Sorry to hear that Gateway is no longer providing support for these systems. Unfortunately Intel does not have information regarding your computer model, therefore we are unable to assist or give recommendation.


              As a word of advice I do not recommend to update your system BIOS using our files since this operation may damage your system permanently.

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                I have given up trying to upgrade the 700XL.  Gateways are way too propriatory and in order for me to do this I'd have to change so much it wouldn't be worth it.  I'm using the system with Windows 7 and it's running perfectly fine albeit slower than my new Qosmio Toshiba 500X laptop.


                Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays!!

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                  Rod Gray

                  I know its been 4 years since you last replied, but I am wondering if you remember how you got Windows 7 to install onto this P4 computer? I was under the impression the processor needs to support Execute Disable Bit technology in order to run with Vista or higher? My friend who lives way out in the no internet country side (he can't afford it anyway), has this 700XL, but the one that was ridiculously expensive. He got the one with the P4-EE @ 3ghz (or something, maxed 2GB ram, and 400GB of HDD space on two SATA's. One of the drives has died, so did the Monitor (just replaced with a 24", and it is not working properly with it) and the video card was replaced a long time ago and needing to be replaced a 3rd time now. The PSU was upgraded to a nice 650 Watt version, so he is really good on power. However, I can not go out there and set it up for him again with XP. Without internet it is EXTREMELY hard if you run into trouble and need to do quick research or download something. If I knew what drivers he needed for the motherboard it would be simply to burn them for him, but I don't. Windows 7 should be fully updated already, just send him new 7 disk and the video card drivers for his games and it should be a done deal. I could build him a fully updated unattended install, but still I need to know what drivers for the motherboard to include.


                  Otherwise, I'm not sure how to keep supporting this system for him. I wish I would have kept all his info and drivers in a folder on my system, but apparently if I did, I no longer have it or I deleted it. Did all the 700XL's come with the 5 Series Chipsets? Maybe, I can try and locate the last INF setup for that series, and then what ever Intel SATA drivers supported that system. I'm not even sure if that system was supported by the Matrix storage manager, but if it was I assume the last version of Matrix would also contain the latest driver for his SATA controller. Anyway, thanks for the information and I hope this reply finds you after all this time, lol...


                  Anyway, he is disabled and has no money for a new system, so I do not know what to tell him at this point. Sad



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                    Hello Rod Gray,


                    I completely understand the situation and I am really sorry. Please note that the compatibility of Operating System depends on the support he OEM provides. This unit at seems to be a mature product by now and it is possible that Windows 7 is not supported but I Strongly recommend you checking the compatibility directly with Gigabyte Support .


                    Kevin M