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    Intel M.2 + Micron Momentum Cache


      Long story short:  i installed momentum cache on my Intel M.2.  Momentum Cache is a Micron SSD utility (Crucial Executive Storage Manager). Attached are the numbers I'm getting and I like it.  It's been a month.  Any cons to this setup?



      My c: is an Intel M.2.  I also have a Crucial SSD and a RAID0 2xHDD on SATA.  Crucial has a utility called Storage Executive Management (free download).  It has a "Momentum Cache" feature that works on any SSD and increases read/write speeds 5x.  Some say it's bad for the SSD's health, but SSDs die out of the blue anyway so why not.  I used the momentum cache on the Crucial SSD before I got the Intel M.2.  Now the program detects both SSDs and recommends that I enable Momentum Cache on the boot drive, which is my M.2.  So I did.  Nothing blew up so far.

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          Hello moosedoctor,

          From what we understand, this caching technology works by allocating a portion of your DRAM to work as a temporary write buffer. Based on this information we do not suspect it should have any negative effects on your Intel® SSD.

          If you would like to be on the safe side, you may download and use the Intel® SSD Toolbox to monitor your drive's health and estimated life remaining. 

          We hope this information helps.

          Best regards,
          Carlos A.

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