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    Edison Spontaneously Reboots




      Short Story:


      At least starting on 2/22/2017, Edison would spontaneously reboot.


      Instead of using the J16 USB cable for power I used the J1 DC power supply. I let it sit for several day and there were no reboots.


      Thinking it might be a problem with PC not being able to supply clean power via J16 I bought an IOGear powered hub and plugged the J16 and J3 cables into it. The Arduino IDE worked fine but Edison eventually started to spontaneously reboot.


      Long Story:


      Sometimes it would be stable for 2 or 3 days, on the other hand it could spontaneously reboot multiple times, one in the morning and then in the afternoon, for example..


      When it tries to reboot, it is not clean, it gets part way through the process and starts over.


      I captured the log displayed in the COM4 Putty console (which is using the USB cable plugged into J3). Next, I imported that into a Microsoft Access database and created a queries to show that last action performed during a reboot before it started rebooting again. See the attachment showing 39 reboots before getting a stable login prompt.


      What is interesting at ID 4887, the login prompt was display, but it rebooted immediately.


      Aside, as I write this on another PC, Edison is spontaneously rebooting, for the second time today.


      The most common action, 23 of them, before spontaneously rebooting, was "Started Permit User Sessions". The next closest last action before a spontaneous reboots, 6 of them, was "Started Restore Sound Card State.".


      Question: any thoughts on whether this is a hardware or software problem?




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          Hello Bill,

          Thanks for reaching out!

          Since your Edison works just fine when powered through J1 and only reboots when powered through J16, we can conclude that this is most likely due to a power issue. As you may know Edison can indeed be powered through its USB port (J16) but this requires that the USB port used to power the Edison provides a steady output of 500mA (which is the standard for PC USB ports). However, this is not always the case. So, I would suggest you to try a different way to power your Edison, perhaps the hub you are using is not able to provide enough current to power the Edison.

          Let us know how it goes.
          Pedro M.