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    NUC7i5BNH - Passthrough HD Sound in KODI @ Linux Ubuntu?


      Hi everyone,


      I just got an Intel NUC7i5BNH, where I am having issues with passthrough of HD sound formats.


      I initially went and installed an evaluation copy of Windows 10, installed all drivers and ran the HDMI 2.0 firmware update version 1.66. Then I wiped the hard-drive and installed Linux Ubuntu 17.04.

      After this I installed KODI, and tried to see if I could get it to playback video with DTS-HD, Dolby True HD and Dolby Atmos - all videos that play perfectly on my NVIDIA Shield through the same AVR.


      I experience the issue in two ways, either there just is no sound at all - or there is a terribly loud white noise sound thing that blows my eardrums.

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