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    HD 630 have a bigger Graphics Video Max Memory than HD P630?




      I notice a problem(if it actually is) recently, that products use HD 630, like 7700HQ, 7820HQ have a Graphics Video Max Memory of 64GB, according to pages in Ark.


      However, products use HD P630 like E3-1505m v6 and E3-1535m v6 have a much smaller Graphics Video Max Memory of 1.7GB.


      Why? Is there something wrong with its Ark page?



      Also, I notice that laptop manufacturer today refuse to give an BIOS option to adjust the Aperture size, even in their most high-end series, taking my precision 7710 for an example. But for utilizing Intel GVT-g technology, a promising Aperture size is crucial.


      How can I check the default aperture size of my laptop? Currently running Ubuntu 16.04.


      Appreciate your assistance.