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    Master Key


      So, on April 10 received an email about a computer that was bought for me as a gift from a friend.  In it was a master key, which i used for the first time about a week after.  2 of the offers I redeemed then.  Now, i would have liked to have redeemed the rest today (April 30th, apprx. 3:30 MST) but the master key was expired.  The email says the key expires on the 31st of may.  I was under the impression that the master key would not expire if redeemed, but i guess that's wrong (?)

      Now, i would like to see if it is possible to redeem the remaining codes.  If that is not possible then that's on me for not doing it in the first place.  I'm thinking it can't hurt to ask.


      The codes I received are for the following: Dreadnought (redeemed), Smite (redeemed), World of tanks, world of warships, Ashes of the singularity, and Halo Wars 2.