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    Slow PC as well as warning sound ? PLS help


      From few weeks my computer is working very slow i.e just after one click i have to wait for 3-4 sec or more.No viruses detected then also i had formated the PC.Till 2 days it worked OK.After that even if i open 2 application at a time the C.P.U starts showing 100% usage.Then i downloaded a application SpeedFan which showed temp of CPU 93 C.I applied thermal paste which was useless.Yesterday i thought that appln might be wrong so i watch the temp in BIOS which also showed me 88-93 C.At that time i enabled SYSTEM FAN FAIL WARNING and reboot,a constant warning sound appeared.I use two fans one over CPU and one extra just to keep chassis cool.I have a doubt i want to ask few days ago just after applying thermal paste and cleaning cabinet i reconnected my 320GB HDD,old 80GB HDD nd DVD ROM why only 80 GB HDD burned out.Pls help me for slowing of PC and What is System Fan ? So i can replace it.

      My PC Configuration is :Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version  5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600

      System Manufacturer    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

      System Model    945GCM-S2L
      System Type    X86-based PC
      Processor    x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~2666 Mhz ( Pentium 4 )
      BIOS Version/Date    Award Software International, Inc. F5, 12/27/2007
      SMBIOS Version    2.4

      Total Physical Memory    2,048.00 MB