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    data recovery possible intel 520 series 120GB


      Hi all,


      my computer has fallen on the ground last week. the laptop is beyond repair. i removed the SSD drive and put it in an USB external enclosure. i connected it to another computer and is was detected fine.

      removed the drive to perform te data copy later.

      when i had a computer with sufficient free space, i connected the drive again, everything worked fine, i saw my hard disk partitions and all the folders.

      i started copying the data ans after 2 folders the usb enclosure turned off (LED). data copy failed.

      i reconnected the drive and again the same problem. hard disks appear  and within 5seconds the disc turns off.


      i took the drive to work and opened it. there was a little coil broken. It's connected to the 3,3V DC/DC converter chip.




      after several tries to get data from it (using other usb enclosures, connected native in a desktop...) the hard drive refuses to co-operate. it's not detected at all. in the original usb enclosure, the LED lights up and within 1second turns off. the 3,3V that should appear on this coil is there about 1second and then drops to 2,7V (DC converter faulty or overloaded).
      i removed the broken coil and supplied an external 3,3V to the drive, same problem.


      i ordered a new 520series 120GB SSD drive on the internet, in the hope i can swap out the flash chips but... a recovery business adviced me this would not work as the sandforce chips encrypts the data on the flash chips.


      any idea's what i could possible try the regain access to the drive (1 only need 1excel sheet from around 100kB from the drive that has been altered recently and i don't have a recent backup of this file)


      andy (aka fcapri on the internet but i cannot set this account name here)