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    How can I make a nodejs script to auto run when Galileo starts up?


      Hi everybody,


      I wrote a nodejs script  for Galileo that launches a webserver and also reads the Grove temperature sensor.  The script works pretty well.  Now I want that script to run automatically when Galileo starts up.


      The script is located at /home/root/ejemplos_node/temperature.js


      To make the script to run when Galileo boots, I wrote the following bash script in the init.d folder (the script is called mystartup.sh):


      #! /bin/sh

      node /home/root/ejemplos_node/temperatura.js

      chmod +x /etc/init.d/mystartup.sh



      Then I executed the following commands on the console  to change the permissions to make the bash script executable:


      root@galileo:/etc/init.d# chmod +x /etc/init.d/mystartup.sh

      root@galileo:/etc/init.d# chmod +x mystartup.sh


      To check if the bash script is working, I executed:


      root@galileo:/etc/init.d# ./mystartup.sh


      and the script runs pretty well.  That made me think that I had everything ready. However, if I reboot the Galileo, nothing happens.  The script doesn't run and I don't know how to solve it.


      Any help is welcome.