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    Working Support for "P2P Service" on Windows 10


      Can anyone please identify any Intel Wireless network adapter (e.g., 7260, 7265, 3165, 3168, 8265) that:

      • is running under any edition or build of Windows 10
      • is supporting any, and if so which of the 5 enumerated, P2P capabilities  (> netsh wlan show wirelesscap), namely:
        1. P2P Device Discovery
        2. P2P Service Name Discovery
        3. P2P Service Info Discovery
        4. P2P Background Discovery
        5. P2P GO on 5 GHz


      Would you please describe any hardware, driver, and software configuration supporting at least the "P2P Service Name" and "P2P Service Info" capabilities?


      Background: In recent years, a few developers have attempted putting Windows 10 in the role of advertising one or more WiFi Direct Services.. The capabilities required for Service Advertisements are said to appear as "P2P", and not as "WiFi Direct" (which are necessary for WiFi Device advertisements, but which are insufficient for WiFi Service).  A workable runtime environment has remained ... "illusive" ... despite documented standards compliance and the passage of time.


      Thanks to everyone looking and in advance to those reporting-in here.

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          We did some testing in our lab and this is what our systems showed, using Windows® 10 build 14393.


          Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260, driver

          1-4: Not supported

          5: Unknown


          Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265, driver

          1-2: Supported

          3. P2P Service Info Discovery: Not Supported

          4-5: Supported


          If you require further information, please let us know the reason for this and what goal you are trying to achieve.



          Jonathan B.

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            Thanks for the test results and what went into making them.


            The objective behind the question was to establish a technical environment whereby a Windows 10 machine, hopefully with an Intel Wireless Adapter, would be able to advertise WiFi Direct Services thereby making itself available, in the role of a service provider, to WiFi Direct Service Client machines that conform to the Service specification.  Microsoft states that the WiFiDirectServiceAdvertiser Class [UWP] has been suitable to that task since release build 10.0.10240.  However, the development communities have yet to cite a working instance and have expressed wonderment as to what hardware, driver, and operating system/middleware is required to accomplish same.


            In a related post to Microsoft ([UWP] WiFiDirectServiceAdvertiser Class, & P2P Service Information Discovery Capability ), I wrote:

            • "The problem experienced is better expressed in the accusation "there is no hardware, driver and Windows operating system configuration that can be used to demonstrate that, in fact, the WiFi Direct Service advertisement is being advertised and can be received over WiFi".  My submitted request was of the form: "please prove that accusation false by identifying a minimally complete specification that Microsoft certifies as functioning in the way it has documented for WiFi Direct Services (NOT for the easier case of WiFi Direct Device connections for which there are known-good configuration".


            Am I correct to infer that your tests would similarly show that no other Intel Wireless Adapter generally available in the marketplace is capable of P2P Service Info Discovery (a Microsoft documented requirement of that WiFiDirectServiceAdvertiser Class) and thus Items #1 thru #4 of the P2P enumerable capabilities?


            Thanks again and in advance ..

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              Intel Corporation
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              Thank you for the details. We will check with our additional resources if other Intel® Wireless Adapter would also show "P2P Service Info Discovery: Not Supported", as it was in the test systems we tried.
              We will provide an update as soon as we have more information.

              Jonathan B.

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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation


                We checked with our higher tier of support and we received confirmation of the results we found in our tests:

                P2P Service Info Discovery is Not Supported.

                We hope this information helps to resolve your inquiry and is useful for your research about this topic.

                Jonathan B.

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