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    Nuc7i3BNH remote ir


      I Have NUC/i3BNH and an old Logitech  Harmony 300.
      I did tried to use it as remote programming it as Vendor "MICROSOFT" and as device "MICROSOFT MEDIA PLAYER (Microsof MCE Keyboard)" and "MEDIA CENTER PC SE (Microsoft Windows Media Center SE).
      My purpose is command principal feature of NUC in Windows 10 and a multimedia application named KODI (Vesion 17.1).
      The remote command works but only few commands are available, specially in Windows environment.
      I read many about but all information are fragmentary and often name of devices to program are not exact the same available on Logitech. Also the capability to change or add a single buttons sometimes work sometimes commands are not listed or does not work: for example the command "/" (backslash) that in Kodi environment is useful to

      Toggle between fullscreen/windowed mode.

      It is possible to have a guide that is precise in the names and references from Intel (Or alternatively have the name of other possible solutions, also with other HW to buy)

      Since NUCs are sold without a remote control kit?


      Many Thanks