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    Cant project to Intel NUC NUC6I3SYH


      Hi Community,


      I am having some trouble trying with my Intel NUC6I3SYH. I have a 32 inches Samsung TV connected to it and I want to use this screen as a remote screen for my wife´s Mac and my own Windows 10 Asus UX501VW laptop.


      When I try to project to wireless screen on my Asus Laptop I see the Intel NUC, but when both computers try to connect to each other, it times out and I cannot see the Asus screen on the Samsung Screen connected to the NUC.




      I also tried with AirServer application and it also fails, just displaying a black screen.


      I tried upgrading BIOS of the NUC to latest version, graphics and wireless drivers and still doesnt work.


      I am connected to the Internet and local network on the NUC through the wireless adapter as I cant reach with an ethernet cable to the place where the NUC is.


      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts of what could it be the problem

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          What is the topology of your network? I suggest that, at least temporarily, you connect both the sending and receiving PCs to the network using the same physical medium. Best place to start is with both connected to switch/router via ethernet cables. If this works, then you know that the issue has something to do with the wireless connection. A common mistake, for example (though there are many other possibilities), is ending up with the PCs on different subnets.


          Hope this helps,


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            Intel Corporation
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            Thank you very much to for the suggestion posted above.

            Hi, Thank you very much for joining the Intel® NUC communities.

            Besides trying the suggestion above, in order to better assist you we just wanted to check a few details:

            The connection between the TV and the NUC, is it wired or wireless, if it is wired, which video port are you using?
            Which type of technology or application are you using to do the wireless connection of the laptop?
            Did you try to do the wireless connection to the screen of each device separately? This is just to rule out a possible conflict at the moment when you try to connect the NUC, the laptop and the MAC at the same time.

            Any further questions, please let me know.


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              HI Scott & Alberto,


              The topology of the network is basic because its a home network. I am using an Ubiquiti Pro access point to ensure I have Wireless stability, all devices connected to the wireless network are working fine too.


              I was able to use the project function only after upgrading to the latest Creators Update Windows 10. No idea why this was not working before to be honest.


              Still the behavior of AirServer for example seems quite erratic,but then it can be that app specifically.


              Thanks a lot for your help and tips anyways!