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    DG33FB with BIOS problems




      First, I apologize for my knowledge of the English language.

      It started with a memory upgrade RAM: 2 GB was with and put
      4 more, and later migrate to 64-WIN 7.

      When I put the two sticks of 2GB addition to the two sticks of 1gb
      that he had, the board did not recognize anything in the B slot 2.

      I went to the intel site and ready: I saw that it was necessary to update the BIOS, since
      I was worried, but I knew I had an executable that own intel
      was this: Great! I downloaded and ran the computer did not life ...

      I went on Intel's website and saw how to load the BIOS again form
      traditional Intel: removing the jumper and running a CD with the file
      . BIO.

      Wonderful! returned to live! I used Windows and even played! But when you
      install new BIOS you have to go back to reconfigure some things like
      access to HD or AHCP than IDE, etc ...

      Restarted and I accessed the BIOS, did all the settings and ready, I sent
      save and exit the BIOS ... was the last sign of intelligent life in the

      Now all he does is start with no beep or sign of life on the monitor and
      after 30 seconds, start again and then start again ... I
      it starts as it tests the HD and DVD-ROM.

      I looked in a manual way to reset the BIOS and even found the combination
      the jumper for this, but only resets the password. I tried to install BIOS
      new, but shooting the jumper, put the cd with. BIO and the computer is there,
      paradão, without rebooting, without upgrading, with no error message in
      screen for 10 minutes ...

      Does anyone have a clue?

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          I would suggest that you power off, remove the motherboard's battery for 10 minutes, remove the jumper, restore the battery and then power on the system. It will end up updating the BIOS again but you will at least be running again with a clean BIOS. When this is done, power off, restore the jumper to the maintenance position and power back on. In BIOS setup, use the function key that loads BIOS default settings and then carefully modify the other settings that you need. Once you are done, exit BIOS setup (with save!) and then power off and restore jumper to normal position...

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            Thank you, but the trouble continues... I tried this solution and, after unplugging the batery for 15 minutes, the BIOS doesn't restart and doesn't display anything in the monitor screen.

            I tried updating the BIOS and 30 minutes after anything happened!

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              24 hours without batery! That's a solution! Thanks for the help!

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                I hv the same problem .i updated the bio using .exe file n pc automatically restarted n nothing happend jst green light on .

                nothing blinking n all.........


                i tried to recover bio using .bio file by copying it into USB ..but nothing happens ....


                wot should i do ???? (i tried the method of removing motherboard battery for about 25 hrs but prblm still presist )


                please any one can help me

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                  Try method given by  alexthesplendidfrench at https://communities.intel.com/thread/6078?start=15&tstart=0


                  Well Guys, I think I am a new member of this unfortunate club of the DG33TL owners who had the bad idea to update the bios of his motherboard. Anyway, I FINALLY managed to solve the problem. So you got the ugly black screen with the top left cursor. OK, so you maybe want to do that

                  1/Turn off the comp, unplug the alimentation, remove temporairely all the unecessary peripherals.

                  2/Put the jumper bios in position 2-3

                  3/Turn on the comp and go into the bios menu, desactivate the core multiplexing technology (it's for just a moment), save your options and turn off the comp.

                  4/Put the bios jumper in position 1-2, turn on the comp, you can go now in the bios menu, then load the optimal settings of the bios, save that, and reboot, the core multiplexing technology is activated again, but the black screen is forgotten, you can go to the bios menu normally to customize it for your needs.

                  5/Replace your peripherals, and yeah, your OS boots normally again.