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    NUC6i7KYK does not turn on HDMI display



      if I return to my NUC, connected to an HDTV via HDMI, I normally moved the mouse or hit a key on the keyboard to wake it up, but now I need to unplug the HDMI cable from the NUC and plug it back in in order to get my lock screen.


      Running :


      NUC6i7KYK / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD

      Windows 10 Pro ( Windows and all Intel drivers are updated to the latest )


      Any idea what the problem could be ?



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          Well, I am sure that this is a bug of some sort in the intel HD Graphics drivers. Regardless, this issue has existed for quite a few generations (I have seen it with 4th (WY), 5th (RY, MY, PY/GY), 6th (SY, KY, AY) and 7th (BN) generation NUCs). I have avoided this issue by disabling both System and Monitor sleep within Windows. I do this with both NUCs and ICS. Your NUC will waste some power; not optimal but it will at least work consistently. The TV (and receiver, if you use one in between) can be powered off separately without causing any issues.


          Hope this helps,


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            Hi Scott,


            thanks for replying....


            You are correct, disabling system sleep ( I usually have it always disabled anyway ) and disabling the "Screen turn off" will probably kinda solve this problem.


            But since I also use a Kangaroo Mobile Desktop, besides my NUC and this Kangaroo has also Intel Graphics and does exactly the same, there should be a solution provided by Intel. I know, it's not a major problem for most, but more and more people use large TV's as display connected via HDMI..... So since this is a Intel Graphics/HDMI issue, Intel should look into some more and correct this issue.


            But thank you for giving me the tip... 

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              I totally agree; it *should* be fixed. I had simply given up and moved on, considering that it has been an outstanding issue for at least 4 generations now...


              I would point out that I have connected NUCs (and ICS) to DVI and VGA monitors (via DP-to-DVI, HDMI-to-DVI, DP-to-VGA and HDMI-to-VGA adapters), to 1080p TVs (direct and using DP-to-HDMI adapters) and to a 4K TV (30Hz via HDMI direct and 60Hz via DP-to-HDMI 4K adapter). I have tested with the NUC (or ICS) connected directly to the monitor/TV, indirectly through a Home Theater Receiver and indirectly via HDMI-, DVI- and VGA-based KVMs. The only scenario(s) I have not tested involve DP monitor (I don't have any). In all tested cases, I see the issue occur. In all cases, disabling System and Monitor Sleep is an effective (albeit power-wasteful) workaround.



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                Now the question is :


                Is it "really" an Intel Driver problem ??  I mean, you tried so many combinations, I tried it with two different computers.... It almost looks like it's a Windows ( 7/8/8.1/10 ) issue since it has the option to "TURN OFF MONITOR" or "NEVER"..... Hmmmm  Well, I searched all over and see that lots of people have this (and similar issues ), even with NVIDIA graphic cards, so it really makes me wonder if it is WINDOWS having a bug with any display adapter using a HDMI connection.


                Any thoughts ?

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                  I have the same problem with 2 identical machines purchased in July 2017. The only way I have been able to overcome it is set up a screen save that constantly broadcasts something to the screen.  I then turn the monitor off when not in use. After 7 months Machine 1 went into meltdown when the fan stopped working.  This was replaced with a new machine.  Machine 2 was brought into use while 1 was being repaired and exhibited the exact same HDMI issues as well as a general reluctance to actually operate continuously for any length of time.  I am still trying to pin down a cause for this. I recently spent 10 days away from the office and the machine could not be accessed (via GoToMyPC) twice during that period and needed to be rebooted (luckily there was somebody available to do that). The 7 year old computer that was replaced by the Intel remained available the whole time. In 35 years in the industry and experience with hundreds of computers these 2 take the prize for the biggest lemons I have experienced. I would like to get rid of them but could not in good conscience inflict them on somebody else.  I am extremely disappointed Intel saw fit to inflict them on me. So good in theory, so unfit for purpose in practice.

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