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    Needed: mainstream 6C/12T+ desktop CPUs


      Hoping that someone at Intel reads this, here goes!


      As suggested in the title, 6 core/12 thread (and 8C/16T) CPUs have been long overdue on the mainstream platform. It has been my greatest wish for Intel, like AMDs Ryzen, to release such CPUs at an affordable and attractive price point. I, for one, do not have the funds for the HEDT platforms - unfortunately.


      We all have read the rumors surrounding Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs and have probably seen the SiSoft Sandra result that tentatively shows an i5 6C/6T variant so it is hopeful. Intel, please give the top i7 K variant a decent amount of L3 cache and a boost clock (on all cores!) of at least 4.5-4.7GHz, and, make them available for socket 1151 (the constant need for a new socket is getting old fast, I feel, and unnecessary). Having a Z170 1151 board may still require me to upgrade for Coffee Lake, depending on the board vendors which may only offer support on the 200 series chipsets, but alas. AMD has set a good example now and it will benefit Intel if they follow suit.