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    SSDSA2M080G2GN bad benchmarks


      I am getting sequential writes in the 30MB/s and reads in the 40MB/s range using AS SSD benchmark.

      Firmware is 2CV102HD.

      Could the drive encryption be the reason for this (PGP full encryption)?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Yes, encryption would likely be the reason. There is an issue with SSD Toolbox and encryption, just as with RAID. I assume you are not using the msahci driver for AHCI and need to run Optimizer for TRIM. The following is from SSD Toolbox Read Me:


                  The Intelâ SSD Toolbox cannot detect the difference between a drive in a RAID configuration and a drive that is using encryption.

          ·          When the Intel Optimizer function is set to run on a drive that has been encrypted, the SSD Toolbox software cannot determine if the drive is in RAID mode or if the drive is using encryption technology

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            I can't find it now, but I would expect same issue with encryption using msahci driver is possible.

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              Are you using Windows 7?


              I found some more information about the Optimizer that conflicts somewhat with the other information I posted above. This is from the SSD Toolbox Optimizer White Paper:


              Q2 Will the Intel® SSD Optimizer work with my drive encryption software?
              A2 Yes, the Intel® SSD Toolbox will work with encryption software. On Windows Vista* or Windows 7, a prompt will appear within the Intel® SSD Toolbox allowing the user to force the Intel® SSD Optimizer to execute if the user can verify that their Intel SSD is not part of a RAID array. Clicking “accept” will optimize the drive successfully. On Microsoft Windows* XP, it will work with no additional user input required.



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                Thanks ambizytl!

                Yes, I am running Win7 64 bit. I did get the raid / encryption warning when using the optimizer from within the toolbox, clicked ok and it did the optimization fine. It did not improve the performance, though.

                In the Windows experience index, I get a score of 5.8. Pretty embarassing.


                Just to confirm: my SSDSA2M080G2GN is a Gen 2 drive, correct?

                Is there anyting that can be done to improve the performance?


                Thanks again, guys!

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                  Yes, that would be a G2 drive.


                  Seems like TRIM may not have run. Do you have Disk Defragmenter disabled or turned off for the SSD? I assume you are not doing RAID. Are you running in AHCI mode? What port is the SSD in? What SATA AHCI controller and driver do you have?


                  Just so you know, I will be back in a few hours.

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                    the optimizer said that it had finished.

                    This is a laptop that I just got yesterday. The automatic defrag was enabled to run once a week when I got it, but I disabled it right away.

                    SATA is configured as AHCI. I can see an "Intel ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI controller" in device manager, driver version, provided by Intel.

                    No RAID.

                    Thanks for your help!

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                      Have you run the optimizer? Try running it again. Do you have the optimizer setup to run on a schedule or are you going to do it manually?

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                        I just re-ran optimizer, it turned green and showed the status as "passed". No performance change. Really, I would not have expected any, as the system was built yesterday.

                        I am planning on running the optimizer manually.

                        Starting to think that the performance hit comes from the encryption. It's a very very bad hit though, much more than I would have ever expected. Bummer. :-(

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                          Please post a screenshot of your AS SSD benchmark results. Save the screenshot and upload here in your message. It could be the encryption but maybe something will show up in that screenshot.

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                            ambizytl, here is the screenshot ....

                            Do you see something suspicious (except that the results are bad)?

                            What are the results you'd expect?


                            Thanks a lot again!

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                              Why did you block out the firmware information and driver, etc.? Everyone posts the complete picture and there is nothing to worry about. I wanted to see what driver, firmware, and whatever else shows, so post again with complete picture, and don't worry! There is nothing in that blacked-out area that anyone could make use of.


                              Yes, the results are bad, but post it again without the blacked-out area. I will show you one of my test results using the 80GB drive, and I have two others that are both 160GB.as-ssd-bench INTEL SSDSA2M080 1.26.2010 10-40-27 PM.png

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                                By the way, I noticed your drive doesn't state ATA device as mine does. How is your drive displayed in Device Manager? ATA...SCSI...?

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                                  Here you go ... I did not know what some of the numbers mean, so I just blocked it out before.





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                                    Not really sure how to answer your last question. It shows in device manager just under "Disk drives", it does not say ATA, SCSI or anything. Where exactly would I look for that?

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