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    On-board VGA not detected properly


      Assalam o Alaikum,


      I am from Pakistan and using HP Compaq DC7900 Convirtable Minitower of Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Due E8500 since 4 years. I am also using my PC with Nvidia GForce GT 630 since when I buy this PC. Unfortunately few days ago my External VGA Card Nvidia GForce GT 630 2GB wasn't works properly so I prefered to use builtin VGA for just few days. I reinstall Windows 10 64bit when I try to install my VGA builtin driver I shows:

      Total Available Graphics Memory: 1507 MB

      Dedicated Video Memory: 64 MB

      System Video Memory: 64 MB

      Shared System Memory: 1507 MB


      So, When I purchase this PC the dealer told me that this board has builtin 1GB VGA. And before purchasing Nvidia External Card I use that 1GB bulting vga memory for some games.


      But when this time I want to use it why it shows 64MB instead of 1GB or 1024MB. And If its showing 1507MB available then why my gfx driver won't support this. Is this a driver's fault or my operating system. Because this PC is based on Windows 7 OS.

      When I uninstall my GFX driver downloaded from HP.com site. It shows this.


      Kindly help me


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello imkaxhuu,


          Thank you for joining the Graphics community.


           I would like to share with you a couple of facts regarding your current system configuration; the first thing is that your system is not compatible with Windows® 10, from our end there are no drivers available for older platforms and Windows® 10. So, if this is driver related this should be addressed by the provider of the driver. The second fact that I would like to let you know is that the graphics controller you have, the Intel® 82G45 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub Product Specifications, does not have dedicated video memory since it has shared memory. You can see that the "Shared System Memory" option is populated, your graphics controller share the memory with your physical RAM, this is the reason why you see that option populated instead of the Dedicated Video Memory option.


          For more information visit; Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Graphics Memory on Windows® 10 


          Hope this helps.




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            I am still facing this problem after installing Windows 7 which was supported by my pc. Tried to change RAMs but all working properly in my friends PC and his RAMs responding same as my RAMs in my PC.

            Today when I was playing Commandos 3 which is not a heavy game then suddenly I face same hanging, freezing issue as before. But this time when I try for 3 times after facing that problems. The computer stop working again and showing this screen (attached as picture).

            I also try to use it without drivers but not success. Don't know what is the main problem    

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              According to your description it seems like you are facing a hardware issue, you tried different RAM sticks but the issue persists I would recommend considering a computer upgrade since your chipset it's almost 10 years old.



              Amy C.