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    Wireless-AC 8260 Card unable to connect to Aerohive APs when using Proset created connection profile. Connects fine when not using the profile.




      We just purchased 60 laptops to use as student checkouts as part of our university computer lab.

      Our campus uses Aerohive AP 230s locked in at 5GHz in our library, running a particular high-density configuration.

      If I take one of these laptops over to the library and connect to the wireless by clicking the SSID and typing in the key, they connect without issue.


      However, if I make a Proset wireless profile that only contains the SSID, key, and 5GHz band setting, the card will not connect to the wireless.


      So my question becomes, what is different about the  proset created connection profile that is different from manually connecting?


      These are Lenovo Thinkpad 13's running Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.693 with the 19.50.1 drivers.


      Stephen in TN