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    Troubleshooting DP55KG That Shows No Sign Of Power


      I had built this dp55kg-pc six year ago. Now, my pc failed to boot with no sign of power. Please help me to troubleshoot it to either a faulty cpu or a faulty motherboard.


      1. The psu is good.

         a. Disconnect all connections from psu.

         b. Short Pin16(PS_ON#)/Pin17(Ground) of the 24Pin Power Connector with a paper clip.

         c. Switch on psu.

         d. psu fan starts to spin. +5V/+12V can be measured with a DMM.

      2. A faulty cpu or a faulty dp55kg?

         a. Take out CMOS Battery and measure 3V with a DMM. Look good. Then put it back.

         b. Disconnect everything from the dp55kg, except for the 24Pin Power Connector/2x4Pin Power Connector/4Pin CPU Fan/Rear Case Fan.

         c. Switch on psu.

         d. Momentarily short the red Pin6/Pin8(power switch) of the front panel header on the motherboard with a screwdriver.

         e. No beep. No fan. No Post Code LED. No Processor LED. No Voltage Regulator LED. No +5V/+12V.

         f. Standby Power LED turns green. Back2BIOS Button is red.


      Thanks Forum! Hope You Can Help!


      Best Regards,