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    i7 7700K WHEA-Logger Event 19 Error


      Hello Intel Community,

      I just bought i7 7700K paired with MSI Z270-A Pro and Scythe Ashura cooler.


      At first I was using some weak beQuiet cooler which was causing the processor to throttle on Prime95(AVX Enabled). I changed the cooler and now its quite cool, hitting 75 degress under maximum stress after 2 hours. What Ive noticed is that the chip is causing some disturbing errors in Windows Event Monitor. Im talking about this(the OS is in polish, so Ill try to translate):


      Event 19, WHEA-Logger


      A corrected hardware error has occurred.

      Reported by component: Processor Core

      Error Source: Corrected Machine Check

      Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error

      APIC processor controller ID: 0(or sometimes 1)

      The details view of this entry contains further information.


      The details, as seen in an XML file - attached below.



      This happens exactly every minute after system starts(sometimes a few events each minute).Is my processor damaged, should I RMA?


      I have to remark that besides the event monitor logs there are no other symptoms of malfunctioning processor - it works like a charm. I'm just concerned if these corrected errors won't become critical errors in the future and I want to know the nature of them - maybe I have a buggy system or something?


      Thank you very much for response.

      Konrad P.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello C#onrad,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          It is hard to tell what the nature of this error is, this reported by Windows when something unusual is detected.
          Try running the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool, if there is anything wrong with the processor it will be detected by this tool.
          Have you seen some temperature spikes on the processor?
          I suggest you to have the latest BIOS and drivers installed on your computer and as well the latest Windows update.
          Please let me know how it goes.
          Best wishes,

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            Hello Ivan,

            Thank you for the suggestion to use IPDT. I included the results in the attachment. The chip passed all of the tests.
            I am having some spikes from time to time but they are minor, like from 30 to 50 degrees and back after opening the web browser or some other application. I think they are harmless. During the test the cooler didn't even shift up to the "second gear", so the temperature management of my system is good.


            I remember having very similar errors with AMD chip after overclocking it, but those were Event 18, marked as critical(not corrected) hardware error. I realized that my memory runs on XMP so I turned it off, but no help from there(still having the errors at DDR4-2133MHz)


            The Windows I'm running is compilation 15063, the BIOS is vanilla but Ive seen the patch notes for it and nothing but better Fast Boot and M2 drive support(I'm not using either). I'm using the latest drivers updated through Live Update 6 tool from MSI.


            If you think of anything I could do to clarify the situation, please let me know.



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              Hello C#onrad,

              In this case, if the IPDT shows that the CPU is fine, you will not have issues in the future, however, be aware that you have three years warranty for the unit and if for some reason starts failing, you can request a replacement for the unit.

              Also, since the IPDT passed, I would suggest checking with Microsoft about this issue, since it has been generated by Windows and they might have further detailed information about it and troubleshooting.

              Best regards,


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                C#onrad, be very careful. IPDT is NOT always correct.


                Please see my thread here:

                Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium Edition - clock_watchdog_timeout BSOD


                I was logging the same errors on my i7-6700k after 5 months of non-overclocked use. Only for me, it was APIC ID 4 and 5 and I was of course having some more severe issues.


                My RAM, being at 3,000MHz (at the time) may have been the culprit of causing the core 4 and 5 to break down, since the controller on the i7-6700k is rated at 2,133MHz. I've posted a question on this forum to understand what happens when you have up-clocked RAM, if it should cause any sort of damage to the CPU.


                So, I would watch very carefully for future issues. Make sure your RAM is running at the default memory controller bandwidth for your processor when running tests first. That way you can establish a baseline. I think the i7-7700 is capable of 2,400MHz?


                HOWEVER, just to reiterate, the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is useless if you need to get real information as far as CPU stability or issues.

                I ran the tool in UEFI mode and within Windows and it told me on SEVERAL occasions, while I was having issues, that the CPU was fine.


                Ever since I've got the new CPU, no issues.