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    WIFI Switch


      Ok, I have a Toshiba Satelite A135-S4527.  It has Vista Home Premium 32bit on it.  I have tried with and with out the toshiba proprietary software installed. (Last resort is reformat.)


      On to the issue.  I had an Atheros Mini PCI-E wireless a/b/g card in it (AR5006EG I believe).  I wanted wireless N so I bought an Intel 5100 abgn mini pci-e card (both full length).  I can not get Windows to turn on the Radio.  The Proset software won't either.  (Tried versions 11 and 13)  The Hardware switch won't turn it on either.  I put the old Atheros in and both windows and the hardware switch work.


      What am I missing?  Is there something in the registry that needs to be changed I.E. telling windows how to turn off and on on Intel card?  Or is this a BIOS issue?  Or is the card simply not compatible with non-Centrino parts?