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    i7-4800MQ power draw


      Hi everyone,


      recently I got myself a Thinkpad T440p with an i5 CPU which I switched to a 4800MQ (and got the appropriate 135W charger as well). It works flawlessly, except that when I'm working (lots of rendering stuff) most of the time it just doesn't go turbo, apparently because it exceeds its TDP limit. But on my former notebook, with an i7-3740QM (2.7GHz, essentially the same CPU, just one generation earlier) this never happened. I hope this comparison helps. You can see that the 3740QM eats 49W with turbo on, while the 4800MQ needs 60W in the very same situation (Prime95). What can be the cause behind this?


      I just need that extra speed, slower speed means slower work and after weeks and months it adds up to a lot of time.


      Windows and drivers are up to date, power management settings done, and all relevant bios settings checked. What could be the reason? Faulty CPU? Faulty motherboard? Faulty charger? Something software-based? Something T440p-specific, related to the specific motherboard/cooling system/whatever?


      Thanks in advance for any help.