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    Quick and dirty recording of R200 image stream on a Joule 570x


      I am new to the RealSense cameras (R200) and Joule 570x development kit and even to Linux (I used QNX many years ago, which is similar to Linux). I understand the R200 is no longer officially supported on the Joule but is supported via librealsense (as I understand). I have the need to quickly develop an application that can record an R200/LR200 image stream (3D and color) on the Joule 570x. I will actually record the image stream to another computer over the network, but let's not complicate things at this point. Is there a demo/sample program, documentation, or some sort of list of steps that I can follow to accomplish this? I need to record some 3D images for a research study and the opportunity for this will not last long. I can add image processing later if I can record the image stream now for future processing. Thanks in advance for any guidance.