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    How do I know the Ethernet card is still alive?


      I have a D915GAV board and somehow when I booted my windows XP-SP2 it started to tell me that it has found new Hardware. I have been using this for the past 2 years and everything was ok and now all of the sudden my keyboard is fried and the ethernet card is not working.


      I've even reinstalled Windows and still it can not find/install drivers for Ethernet. It can however detect (everytime) that an "Ethernet Controller" device is present that is shown in the "Other Devices" section of device manager.


      I have the original board CD and it does not install the drivers. I went to internet and all the documents on Intel site suggest that I need drivers for "Intel® 82562 Fast Ethernet Controllers". When I install those they complain "No Intel(R) PRO .. present in system"


      For the past 12 hours, now, I've been banging my head into nothing. I just want to know whether there is any hope at all. Is there a way to find out whether the LAN card is every going to work somehow? Like physically damaged or what?