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    x-25m: The blue screen of death struck again!?


      Hi, while I was gaming (The Guild 2 on Win 7) suddenly a blue screen appeared. I thought the game just crashed and immediately restarted not noting down what was written on the BSOD. But then it didn´t find anything to boot anymore! In the bios it now just says "IntelBootLoader" as SATA device. I also can´t find it with my rescue disk or Win 7 disk.

      I tried to reset CMOS and I unplugged and plugged it into an other SATA port. Nothing helped. So, I assume it is dead. Any advice?


      Greetings, André


      p.s.: Win 7 was runnning on the SSD (newest firmware of course...) for over a month now without any problems and now suddenly out of nothing...strange :/