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    Intel I350 Ethernet iSCSI Boot Issue - Ubuntu initrd cannot found the iscsi drive


      Hi all,


      I'm trying the iSCSI Boot by the Intel i350 NIC card.

      The card has the agent ROM and can connect to my iSCSI target server by 'Primary iSCSI'.

      All work fine in Grub2 menu.

      But, when initrd was loaded, the command 'blkid' cannot see any iSCSI driver which can be boot.

      The version of Linux kernel is '4.4.0-28-generic'.

      The kerenl and initrd is copy from a machine which is installed by LiveCD on a local drive.

      The initrd doesn't have kernel module 'iscsi_ibft'.


      Is the module necessary for booting from iSCSI target?

      Does the iSCSI drive act as a local drive when initrd scan the scsi bus?