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    Intel Graphics drivers - screen blanking after long period of inactivity.


      Has anyone seen this and do they have a cure for it. This appears to be common to pretty much any Intel graphics I have tried.

      Today it showed up on an i7-6700 box running Windows 8.1 and


      For some people, this may be desirable, but having your monitor go to sleep because the contents aren't changing is not something I need.

      I have 24*7 rated screens and it is entirely possible for the contents to just sit there and NOT CHANGE for hours on end. Think "digital poster, boring version."


      I have a ridiculous number of these and I resent having to reboot to wake the screen because that is not a solution.


      In this case, our software is just displaying a grid overnight, but the same can be done from the desktop. (you may have to unplug keyboard/mouse to be on the safe side.)

      Leave overnight.

      In the morning, more often than not, the screen has gone to sleep, waving the mouse doesn't sem to wake it, but pressing a key will at which point, business as usual.

      Connecting via VNC will also wake it.


      After blanking, even if the contents switches to something, in today's case, 4k 60p mp4's, the screen will not wake up automatically.

      I have seen this on several graphics drivers and chips. eg, i7-4700EQ, i7-6700EQ.


      If there is an event recorded, I have not seen it.




      Needless to say, this does not happen with an nvidia or a radeon but nvidia don't do embedded and I'd rather amd didn't too.