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    DG45ID inductance noise issues?


      The Intel DG45ID desktop motherboard has suffered from inductance noise from the beginning. Supposedly BIOS release 0113 fixes the issue but at least for me, it only reduces the inductance noise. I'm currently running BIOS release 0127.


      Is anybody else suffering from inductance noise with DG45ID? Does the inductance noise change in pitch with the CPU load?


      If somebody from Intel is reading this message, here're the steps to emit maximum noise (perhaps you could further adjust the tweak that was implemented in BIOS release 0113):

      1) Install Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 desktop with default settings

      2) Install linux-rt package (Applications - Accessories - Terminal, type "sudo aptitude install linux-rt")

      3) Reboot the system and select linux-rt kernel from the GRUB and hit e (edit). Add "nohz=on" at the line that start with "linux" and press CTRL+X to boot the linux (You're now booting 64 bit version of real time tickless linux kernel, which should result in very low latency for anything)

      4) Wait for system to boot and board will emit high pitched inductance noise when idle. Executing some program that eats at least one full core of CPU time will cause the inductance noise to disappear until the system is again idle.


      I'm running the "performance" cpu frequency governor, in case it makes a difference.

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          Experiencing the same problem.  I'm running bios 127 as well and it doesn't fix the problem.  There are a lot of installed DG45ID's out there as NewTek TriCaster STUDIO and BROADCAST, but they use a custom PCI board for audio and have replaced front panel connections with a custom panel that connects to the PCI subsystem, and not the built in audio.  So those users probably haven't noticed there is a problem.

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            I had the issue with my older aa number revision ending in 307 (or was it 308?) DG45ID but had it RMA'd due to this problem and the replacement 310 rev board does not exhibit the problem. The BIOS update introduced more problems to me (the fan locked in high speed mode) and didn't get rid of the component noise.

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              That's good to know. Back it goes.

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                I just solved mine last week by  accessing IDT audio settings. I have the latest bios and drivers.


                Go to recording tab and select either REAR MIC or MICROPHONE settings. toggle ON the LISTEN TO THIS DEVICE, PLAYBACK THROUGH. This eliminated the noise in my board. I hope this will solve the problem on your board too.

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                  You guys must have missed this, as your issue has been discussed previously at length.


                  The weird but effective fix is, in the BIOS set C-State to Disabled.  I have no idea how or why this works, but it does for most people, and it did for me.  Give it a try, it's easy and free.

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                    The best you can do is to upgrade to bios 131 preferably using F7 procedure, and then disable CPU c-states option (keeping C1E enabled).

                    This may solve both cpu fan high speed lock or pumping and, as said by Parsec, inductor noise problem.

                    However these problems dont have the same sensitivity for every motherboard, so the ultimate solution maybe to RMA if they are still there after upgrading.

                    Here I have to samples, and this solved both issues.