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    Intel NUC7i3BNH - HDMI and USB-C DisplayPort stops working (Windows 10 & Ubuntu 17.04)




      I have a 4k@60Hz TV connected to the NUC7i3BNH.

      If i turn the TV off for a couple of hours the HDMI and USB-C DisplayPort stop working entirely.


      When I turn the TV on I get a black picture.

      It doesn't help if i reconnect the HDMI/USB-C DisplayPort. The picture is black when connecting via VNC as well.


      This happens on Windows 10 with all the latest drivers and BIOS and HDMI fix installed.

      I have the same problem on Ubuntu 17.04.


      The computer is still on, since i can connect to my Plex server. It's just the display that stops working.


      To get the display working again I have to force reboot the computer by holding the power-button for a couple of seconds.


      Can you please check if this is a software bug or if it's something wrong with my hardware.



      Jonathan Norén