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    NUC5i5MYHE Intel HD Graphics problem (ESXi passthrough)


      Here is Intel NUC in my testing lab and I'm trying passthrough Intel GPU under ESXi 6.5 but it's not working (black screen)

      It seems Intel HD turns off  if it sees another GPU (VMware SVGA)... right?

      So Is there a kind of "Always Enable" option in (HARDWARE) BIOS or Intel Drivers?

      As I know any other (modern!) GPU can be successfully passthroughed to virtual machine.

      Or... any other solution?

      Latest BIOS version, virtualization support enabled:


      passthrough active (ESXi 6.5), drivers installed:


      BTW, only turning off (any) one of two GPUs allows to boot up virtual machine OS in normal (not safe) mode (but works only VMware GPU in fact)

      In case of enabling both of GPU system stucks on logo (Windows-7)