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    Multi drive system, how does it actually work?


      The two scenario I had in mind: A duo drive system with an OS drive and one or multiple data drives. Regardless if any of these drives are PCI or SATA or m.2 without any RAID.

      Is the cache configurable in any way? Will the SSD in a duo drive system still cache the OS to optane? What if I would rather save that caching space for the heavily used HDD drive and keep the SSD purely for the OS? Seems like a waste if I have sufficient speeds for the OS already. I presume many of the users buying this already have a multidrive system (enthusiasts of some extent).

      What if I have multiple secondary data drives? Will it cache anything from any drive other than the first two? Can I keep it exclusively to one of them? Is the only way around this to install my OS on an HDD and keep the things I want fast on a secondary data SSD? I saw the chart, but that doesn't clarify much. If I could force it work on a single HDD that isn't the OS SSD or other data HDDs, that would be great.