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    I7-6700-HQ . Games randomly started using only one core by default (despite showing all cores allowed in affinity setting)




      A strange issue appeared out of nowhere on my laptop.

      I am using Windows 10 and my CPU is a I7-6700-HQ


      It appears that whenever I run a game, the core 0 always works at 100% capacity, causing stuttering in the game (probably due to clogging), when the other cores are not used that much (general CPU usage around 20% in the last test).


      The strange part is:

      When I go to the task manager and go to details>set affinity for this game, it shows that all cores are allowed, and if I validate (without changing any option, still allowing all cores to be used), then the CPU repartition goes back to something expected and the stuttering stops.



      Any idea of what is happening and how to fix it ? This has been tested on several games (namely For Honor and Tales of Berseria) with the same results, when said games were working fine 3 days ago.

      I didn't touch any configuration or option regarding CPU usage prior to the problem happening.