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    Flickering on NUC7i5BNH


      I have an NUC7i5BNH that seems to experience random flickering on an lg tv. Sometimes it happens every minute or so, sometimes constantly and the tv starts saying it can't read the signal. The sound cuts off at the same time as the flicker. I have tried a different hdmi cable on a different tv port. Turning the tv off and on again doesn't seem to help. Turning the unit off and on again doesn't always stop it, and if it does, it seems like it is back again the next day. The flickering happens in the bios menu as well as well as in the ubuntu 17.04 OS. I updated the bios to 0042, but it still happens. I have the display set to 4k 60hz. Is there a way to fix this or is the unit defective?

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