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    Taking the advantage of the FPGA on board

    Tom Cheng

      Hi friends,


      I've recently got my aero compute board and am pretty excited about it!

      While playing around with it, I'm particularly interested in the on-board FPGA since this is something that other platforms don't usually have.


      My question would be:

      --- 1. If any of you have seen any interesting applications that make use of the on-board FPGA?

      --- 2. Also as an newbie on FPGA, I wonder how powerful the FPGA looks to you (e.g., is it powerful enough to implement a TCP/IP packet filter? Or run some FPGA-based machine learning alg?).

               I know this is not a clear question and I'm only looking for some general comments on the FPGA


      Any reply will be appreciated.




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Tom,

          Thank you for reaching out, we’re glad to know you are interested on our products!
          At this moment, I don’t recall seeing any application or implementation being done with the Aero board FPGA, however, there’s a list with sample configuration of many of the standard electrical interfaces. You can check it here https://github.com/intel-aero/meta-intel-aero/wiki/FPGA-Sample-Configuration.
          The FPGA on the Aero board, even if it’s low-cost, is a powerful hardware, so I believe implementation of TCP/IP protocol should be possible. I’m not sure if it will work well for machine learning, so I would suggest you to search around the web for more information about this.

          Pablo M.

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            The Altera MAX10M08 found on the Intel Aero Compute board is indeed capable of doing TCP/IP protocol operations, but due to the fairly low amount of Logic Elements I would not consider doing any Machine learning implementations.

            Keep in mind that no schematics are released for the Intel Aero Compute board so information about the connections between the Intel SoC and the FPGA is very sparse. For now I am only aware of a SPI connection.

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