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    AMT filter description


      Hi everyone,


      I would like to list all AMT subscriptions from a target AMT system, and for each subscription, list the filter.


      I saw that you can add a subscription either by defining its filter manually:


      public Filter(byte deviceAddress, byte eventSensorType, byte eventOffset, byte eventSourceType, byte eventSeverity, byte sensorNumber, byte entity, byte entityInstance, byte policyID, byte eventType);

      so a new filter would be e.g. Filter filter = new Filter(255, 255, 15, 255, 0, 255, 0, 0, 28, 255);

      or by using the existing dictionary

      e.g. Filter filter = new Filter(Events.Battery.Battery_Level_is_Critically_Low);


      This last filter corresponds to the dictionary entry: EventsDictionary.Add("Battery_Level_is_Critically_Low", new eventDetails(new eventDetails.filterValues(255, 41, 0, 88, 1, 255, 38, 0, 103, 111), FilterName.Platform));


      The question is: is there an enum or any description of what each of these values mean?

      e.g. what the byte eventType = 111 stands for? or byte sensorNumber = 38?


      I would like to print these values "translated" into something more readable.

      Thanks in advance.