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    i7-5775C stuck screen and crash in anytime


      Motherboard: GA-H97-D3H rev 1.1 Bios F7(TSX disable

      CPU: i7-5775C (Iris pro 6200)

      Memory 4x8GB: kingston Blu

      OS:windows 10 ver.1607


      I've fighting on this CPU for a long time .....  for now I've still on it,  it will crash in anytime,

      1. I disable the TSX, not worked

      2.boost off , not worked

      3.manual set frequency 33,clock 1150 ,not worked.

      4.disable C1E C3 C4 C5, not worked.( I fix FX-9590 in 3,4 but on 5775c not worked)

      5.disable Intel(R) SpeedStep (TM) Tech ,not worked


      what i do next? or what goes wrong?