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    Hello World as initramfs or initrd on Edison


      Hey there,


      as long as I can not compile the Linux Yocto Kernel (howto asked in Fast boot and low power consumption) I would like to reduce my booting time by replacing the initramfs.


      For now I would like to replace the file by a simple program like described in https://landley.net/writing/rootfs-howto.html. I've done the steps within a virtual machine and succeeded the test by replacing the initramfs with the self made initramfs.gpio.gz.


      For now I discovered a thread in here which links to the blog https://edison.internet-share.com/wiki/Using_a_vanilla_Linux_kernel_with_Intel_Edison#U-Boot which compiles a whole new system for the edison but more important is the u-boot section.


      I moved the generated *.gz file onto the edison drive with Windows7 and see the file in /media/storage/initramfs_data.cpio.gz now I would like to set this as the initramfs file. My suggestion is to give some kernel-arguments via u-boot (https://edison.internet-share.com/wiki/Using_a_vanilla_Linux_kernel_with_Intel_Edison#U-Boot) but I do not have any address of the file.


      In short:

      I've got a file '/media/storage/initramfs_data.cpio.gz' which I want to use as the initramfs or the initrd directly after loading the kernel. How is that possible?


      Thanks for the answers!