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    How do I know if a processor is "7th Generation"


      So Intel decided to push the Windows 10 requirement starting at the 7th generation processors. How does one find out what generation a processors is? I have called intel. Their response was "If it is 14nm it is 7th generation." I found this answer to be incorrect, Intel has 6th generation chips that are 14nm. I work for a corporation that buys hundreds of computers and need a way to identify which processors can run Windows 7. I know many of you will say "upgrade to Windows 10" but for me that is not as simple as it sounds for literally thousands of desktops and laptops. I need a way to identify computers that are Windows 7 compatible:


      So my question remains. How do I compute the compatibility? Its not so straight forward such as the processor N4200. You would think oh it starts with a 4 so its 4th generation, which would be incorrect. If anyone has any suggestions that would help my purchasing out a ton, I purchase more than just i3, i5, and i7 builds which are easy to tell. Celeron, Pentium, and Xeon are not so easy. Thank you for any help.


      Intel: maybe put the generation of the processor on the ark pages of the product? Or better yet list the compatible operating systems, if that is a new spec buyers need to be able to research....