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    Testing of RAID 1 fails. Why?



      ASUS Q170M-C motherboard with Intel Q170 express Chip set.

      Windows 10 Pro 64bit

      Used BIOS to setup RAID 1.

      Installed OS

      Device Manager shows Intel Raid 1 Volume


      So now the test and the question.

      If RAID 1 is truly mirroring the following should work.

      Turn off PC

           Disconnect SATA 0 SSD drive and Yes the system still boots. So if the drive on SATA 0 fails the system will still boot and run. Good.

           Reconnect SATA 0 Drive back in and system still boots with both drives. Good.

           Disconnect SATA 1 SSD drive and system DOES NOT boot.  NOT GOOD.

           Reconnect SATA 1 drive and system does boot. Good.


      So currently the mirror only works if SATA 0 drive fails.

           Any thoughts?


      Also have confirmed that the non booting drive does have all of the data on it.




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi BillK,

          I understand you are testing the onboard RAID controller on RAID 1.
          I was thinking that Asus has modified this configuration at RAID BIOS level, it appears to be that this RAID 1 volume recovery will only work if failed drive is set on SATA 0.
          Theoretically, the SATA drive port should not matter but this seems to be customized by Asus.
          I recommend checking with them for further information.
          See contact information here

          Hope this information is helpful.
          Please do let me know if you need further assistance with your Intel product, I will be glad to assist you.