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    Creating LEAP Profile in Windows 7



      I'm attempting to connect to a WiFi network with a new bunch of laptops that have Windows 7 Pro and Intel 5100 AGN interfaces.  Previously, we used XP with PROSet Wireless connection utility, created a profile, and connected.


      I downloaded the Admin software & saw where I could create a package that included a profile.  Applying the package didn't seem to work with the test client.


      I then went into Control Panel, Network & Internet, and clicked on Intel PROSet/Wireless Tools.  In the next dialog, I see there is a button to Import Wireless Profiles.


      How do I create profiles that can be imported with that utility?


      PS If there's an easier was to get these PCs on the network, I'd be willing to entertain suggestions.

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          On Win7, you can create LEAP profile by following these steps:

          1)Go to Network and Sharing Center

          2)Manage Wireless Networks


          4)Manually Create Network Profile

          5)Enter network info and choose WPA/WPA2 Enterprise in security

          6)Clk 'Next'

          7)Clk on 'Change Connection Settings'

          8)Clk on Security tab

          9)Enter pertinent info.


          If you want to create SSO profiles, you can use ITAdmin tool in similar fashion as it was used on XP.


          Hope it helps.


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            This is quite close to the answer.  I had tried your method prior to installing the admin software and the LEAP choice was not available.  Once installation, the number of authorization methods increased and I was able to choose LEAP.