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    How do I know if my i7-6700k is properly working or not?


      When I connect it to motherboard it just shows black screen. All the fans connected are working properly and the liqiud cooling system shows the led on and also the led for indication for motherboard turns on which makes it clear that motherboard is working. I still have contacted my motherboard's manufacturer and has sent it for checking. Currently I do not have any lga 1151 supported motherboard and I am afraid to buy a new one and test it since I have fear that my cpu might be fried or shorted and if I will connect it to new motherboard it might fry my other components too. I can not see any damage even with magnifier or any burn marks on processor and nothing has happened which might have damaged my cpu physically. But still I just want to be very sure that if I install my cpu on new motherboard it won't damage my motherboard or any components. Is there anyway to know if my processor has shorted or not ? I have attached some photographs of my cpu.