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    OpenGL 3.3


      I have downloaded and installed the ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo
      Raw) to my HP Pavilion desktop, running Windows 7. When I open the
      software a message appears :-


      "OpenGL 3.3 and later is required".


      My computer is HP Model p6-2065uk (2012 vintage).  The Graphics card is shown  as


      “Intel (R)  HD Graphics Family (2000)”.
      Graphic memory 1696 MB. Dedicated Video Memory 64MB.

      Can I run the ON1 package on this PC?  Is it just a matter of downloading the driver?
      Is OPenGL 3.3 compatible with my current Graphics card?


      Or do I need a different Graphics card that is compatible with both OpenGL
      3.3. and my PC?