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    I attempted to update the SVGA driver and now my screen is black


      I attempted to update my Intel drivers through MSI's live update 6.  Specifically, I attempted to update the Intel svga driver.  When I tried this, Windows got an error and attempted to diagnose the issue then restarted.  When my PC turned back on, the MSI logo and loading screen appeared, but the Windows 10 Log-in wont appear and instead I have a black screen with my mouse cursor on it.  I attempted to find out what the issue was and I couldn't seem to find the issue anywhere online.  I went into the Windows Recovery Center(Which appears and works) and attempted to revert my PC to a previous point.  The loading bar appeared and a little later I got an error stating the there was an error and the recovery didn't happen.  I tried this again with another recovery point further back and the same thing happened. I, then, went into Safe Mode and attempted to try a recovery from there.  This time, the recovery "went through", but when the PC restarted, the issue was still there.  I tried this again with the same recovery point that went further back and the same thing happened.  Now I'm really confused and I don't know whats happening.  I'm not a super computer know-it-all so I cant diagnose anything myself and I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me with this issue.


      I have one monitor connected to my GPU and I have a second one connected to the motherboard and both arent working.  If you need any further information, I can attempt to supply it.


      PC Specs:

      Intel i5-6500

      AMD RX 470

      MSI H110M motherboard

      Samsung SSD 250GB (Contains Windows)

      A 1 TB hardrive (Filled with Junk)