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    Graphics corruption HD 530 in Firefox and during video playing



      I have a Dell notebook with Intel HD 530 inside. Drivers and configuration is displayed on the screenshot below.

      My problem is that I am getting graphical issues in Firefox and during video playing using FF or Media Player Clasic.

      In Firefox the problem is during vertical scrolling - the screen is "waving" during scrolling. Also when looking at maps (e.g. google maps) - zooming, scrolling through the map, after some time cuses image corruption. The screen starts blinking, parts of the screen are black, sometimes the whole Firefox window gets black and needs to be killed over task manager. Another issue is playing of a video. Again, the image is waving on some place when the camera is moving from one side to another. This is happening in FF and MPC as well, both use hardware acceleration.

      Currently I am using latest drivers provided by Dell (4483).


      Does anybody have the same issue?