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    NUC5PPYB firmware update fails


      Summary: F7 firmware update fails; after selection .bio file, system reboots (expected), but then reboots again without starting firmware update it just boots the installed OS. Previous firmware updates have happened without difficulty.



      Download BIOS Update [PYBSWCEL.86A]



      Reproduce steps:

      1. Download bio file from above URL.

      2. Copy to a FAT formatted USB stick.

      3. Reboot NUC, holding down F7.

      4. Navigate to USB stick and choose the bio file then press enter.


      Actual result:

      Reboot (expected)

      Reboot, and starts up installed OS.


      Expected result:

      Reboot and status as it's extracting and installing the various images in the update.


      System info from dmidecode:

      Product Name: NUC5PPYB

      Version: H76558-102



      From dmesg (basically the same info):

      [0.000000] DMI:              /NUC5PPYB, BIOS PYBSWCEL.86A.0058.2016.1102.1842 11/02/2016


      There are no messages on the display throughout.

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          Try update your bios using bios recovery method: BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC

          As you can see there are two ways to execute bios recovery:

          - Power Button Menu


          - Security jumper removed

          In both methods the USB with the .bio file shall be inserted into USB slot.


          1. Power Button Menu

          1.1 Press power Button about 3 seconds (now more than 4 seconds). Release the power button after you hear 3 beeps and/or the blue led changes color to orange.

          1.3 NUC will reboot into Power Button menu.

          1.4 Press F4 to start the recovery process.


          2. Security jumper removed.

          2.1 Open the bottom NUC cover and remove the Security Jumper

          2.2 Power ON the NUC. The recovery process will start automatically.

          2.3 After completion, power OFF the NUC and replace the security jumper.


          Hope this helps


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            OK so initially this fails the exact same way.


            Following these instructions

            BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC

            I get to step 6, but then step 7 doesn't appear, it just reboots again and I see the bootloader for the installed OS.


            The USB stick in question uses GPT scheme, not MBR. sgdisk reports the following info for that partition:

            [chris@f26h ~]$ sudo sgdisk -i 1 /dev/sda

            Partition GUID code: EBD0A0A2-B9E5-4433-87C0-68B6B72699C7 (Microsoft basic data)

            Partition unique GUID: 89814FF6-DB37-4641-B628-074E001864E4

            First sector: 2048 (at 1024.0 KiB)

            Last sector: 31277022 (at 14.9 GiB)

            Partition size: 31274975 sectors (14.9 GiB)

            Attribute flags: 0000000000000000

            Partition name: 'Microsoft basic data'


            The format is FAT32. This stick had been recently partitioned and formatted just for this firmware update. And the F7 update method in fact shows the firmware file on the stick.


            Anyway, I went to a different stick MBR partitioned, and FAT32 formatted, with the same file saved on it. And the F4 method worked. I didn't try the F7 method first; and I don't have an easy way to test if there's a regression that makes either F4 or F7 methods dislike GPT partitioned USB sticks for flashing firmware, or if there's some other explanation.

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              Was the stick formatted from Linux? If so, there's your problem. Linux doesn't do FAT32, it does VFAT.

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                'mkdosfs -F 32' certainly is FAT32, and the EFI System partition on this NUC is created with that command, and the firmware finds the bootloader and loads it just fine. So that's definitely not the problem.

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hello cmurf,


                   It's a strange behavior, from our end we have not seen cases similar like the one you are reporting. We always format in FAT32 from Windows, and the F7 method works fine.


                  I am glad to hear you were able to find a fix, and thank you for sharing it with the community.