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    Run specific process based on Connectivity



      I'm using meta image and Intel edison arduino expantion board .I'm configuring edison to wifi using command configure_edison --wifi. I want to blink led when there is no network and keep the led constant if there is network (internet connection) and I want to repeat the process continuously in the background. I tried the following things.

      1)I tried reading the status using wpa_cli status and wpa_cli reconfigure ,but as I want to continuously monitor the process in the background,there are some memory issues.Same problem if I tried with the ping command in background.

      2)I tried writing the service as provided in the link https://www.losant.com/blog/edison-automatic-process-startup .But it is also in vain.I'm unable to run the two binaries (led blink and led_constant) in single service.

                                          Can you please let me know the process should I follow or any other approach to get my process done.Thanks in advance.Please do needful.


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