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    Management Engine locked/restricted


      Dear Support Community,


      after I my Research for locked Intel ME devices, I wasn't  successfully.

      So I hope for better answers to solve this rare problem.


      I operate an Asrock z77 Pro3 with an Intel ME 8 Firmware v8.1.65.1586 Chip.

      After testing Bios settings between Raid and AHCI, my Computer stucked after I rollback to normal Settings with AHCI.

      So I reflashed my BIOS Version, removed CMOS Battery for a long while, changed CMOS Jumper to factory reset.

      Nothing changed.


      => It doesn't show video signal because my internal GPU isn't available and my Pc forcing the usung of an PCe GPU.

      => CPU Cores aren't independently changeable (Bios option isn't shown)

      => CPU  Multiplier is locked at max x38, which is the default Torbo Boost Frequency: 3.80 GHz

      => DDR3 RAM is locked too at: 1600MHz (Normal: 1866)


      So did anyone know how to normalize intel ME settings or override the setting so defaults?

      You you can get an overview about my PC System, with the two text files which I appended.


      I thank you for every helpful response.